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US demands extradition of Jewish scammers

Group of youngsters arrested two weeks ago suspected of defrauding elderly American citizens out of millions of dollars. Attorneys: State must examine new social phenomenon”

US demands extradition of Jewish scammers

This isn’t exactly the Jews’ debut at this type of fraud. A recent debacle that made national headlines was the case of 44 New Jersey swindlers – many who were government officials and Jews (the two seem to go hand-in-hand nowadays).

The charges stem from money laundering to the gruesome trafficking of human organs on the black market.

Those involved in the “Nigerian Sting” were all young men in their 20s with no criminal records, who could have made the same amount of money working but instead chose to commit fraud.

The authorities are sitting around scratching their heads and wondering why the Jews did it.

Add this to the history of Jewish crimes involving international human trafficking, racketeering, Wall Street fraud, the Madoff scandal, the murder and torture of Palestinians, the establishment of the USSR, etc, and I’d say we have a Jewish problem. It’s not just that a few Jews have committed these crimes, but rather this is the fundamental nature of Judaism and Jewish culture – always cheating and destroying the gentiles (non-Jews). In this case it was the most innocent and vulnerable who were cheated – the elderly.

What else would you expect from a group that considers themselves to be the apple of God’s eye and considers all others to be cattle? Do you expect them to treat “cattle” with any decency?

The state of Israel itself exists for two reasons.

1. To provide a safe house for Jews to flee who have committed crimes against other nations. Many Jews who were spying for the USSR against the US during the Cold War fled to Israel to avoid prosecution. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the FBI rounded up hundreds of middle-easterners with visa violations. The vast majority of them were Israeli-Jews who comprised one of the largest spy rings in the history of the US. The Jews were quietly extradited to Israel to avoid any further exposure of Jewish activities inside the US.

2. The Jews believe that one day they will have rule over the whole world under a one-world government. Much of this belief is detailed in the Old Testament and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Much in the same way Jews run Hollywood and Las Vegas, they see themselves one day running the entire planet. The Jews believe that one day their state of Israel will be the center of the world, just as Jews see themselves as the center and most superior of creation.

And with their monopolization over international banking and the US government, their plan is well on its way….so far.

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