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Canadian Patriot Jailed for Speaking Out Against Israel

Preface: On the ‘Rule of Law’

The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) has maintained a campaign of suppression against its political opponents under the guise of promoting ‘human rights’. In my case they have pursued me from place to place, arranged for me to get fired from various jobs between 2005 and now, smeared my name in the media, had my bank accounts canceled, and even threatened employers with adverse media publicity unless they fired me. Such is the status of ‘human rights’ and the ‘rule of law’ under this current regime. If we had a genuine rule of law in Canada there would be a treason investigation concerning how entire agencies of the Canadian government have been co-opted in the interests of a foreign power, The Zionist Entity in Palestine (Israel).

The CHRC Complaint

The CHRC began attacking me in April 2005. I received a registered letter on April 8, 2005 advising me that a ‘human rights’ complaint had been filed against me. What was my great offense? I had stated that communism was Jewish and that communism was essentially a plague. It had resulted in the death of millions of the best and brightest in the former Russian empire at the hands of the CHEKA, most of whom were Jews (a fact that was well known throughout the world at that time but conveniently forgotten since). It did not matter whether the content of my remarks were true. All that mattered was whether my writings had exposed certain privileged minorities to ‘hatred and/or contempt’.

I was shocked upon receiving the complaint. I had thought that all my remarks were fair social commentary. I admit that I used strong language but in light of the historical events I was discussing it was my belief that my remarks were in bounds. Not according to the CHRC, however! The CHRC, with Richard Warman as its front man, set about to destroy me. They attempted to make sure I could not find employment and that, if found, I would soon be fired. This has happened several times both before and after the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) hearing and their judgment against me. The fact that they began their campaign of destruction even prior to the hearing demonstrated to me that I had already been found guilty and that the upcoming hearing (in the grand tradition of the Soviet show trial) would just be a formality for appearances sake. At the hearing itself the CHRC even tried to deprive me of representation.

The CHRT found me guilty, of course. No one has ever been found innocent at any of their show trials. I was levied a $4000 fine even though the tribunal knew I had no way to pay it and the CHRC together with Richard Warman had done everything in their power to ensure that I would become destitute. Such is the notion of fairness in the thinking of the ‘human rights’ commissars. The one goal of the human rights bureaucracy is to crush and grind under its heel all its political opponents. In my view, it has nothing to with securing human rights and everything to do with promoting a Zionist political agenda. Their activities represent the politicizing of the judicial process. This trend will continue until it is stopped.

The Judicial Appeal in Federal Court

I appealed the ruling of the CHRT in Federal Court. That process turned out to be a farce. The judge ruled against me and her written judgment seemed to rely on the most superficial reasoning and shallow understanding of the issues at stake. I was truly surprised! However, my surprise ended when I found out she was a star contributor to the Canadian Jewish Congress. In other words, she was an activist Jew. The fair hearing I thought I would receive in Federal Court had turned out to be an extension of the CHRT judicial farce.

In Canada and elsewhere the phrase ‘human rights’ is taking on the unbearable stench of tyranny. This regime is attempting to replace our God-given and inalienable rights of free speech, free assembly, and self-defense with United Nations -style ‘human rights’ which can be granted with one hand and taken away with the other.

The CHRC as an Agent of a Foreign Power

Following the Federal Court ruling I did further research on the activities of the CHRC and discovered that that agency, supposedly an agency of OUR Canadian government, is actually acting as an agent or proxy of the B’nai Brith, a Jewish Masonic organization active in suppressing anti-Zionist political activity in Canada, the US, and elsewhere. In view of that fact it is no longer a surprise that many, perhaps most, of the CHRC’s targets are people on both the right and left who are critical of the Zionist political agenda.

Resistance to that agenda has been in the form of words, mostly on the Internet, and some low level political activity such as leafleting and small demonstrations. I had always been taught that is the way one is supposed to do it in a civilized society – i.e. peacefully through words and persuasion. Strategic resistance was to be for countries where peaceful resistance was not allowed. Unfortunately, here in Canada we are moving towards the point where strategic resistance to the Zionist agenda will be the only option available.

When the CHRC began attacking me I went into a downward spiral eventually reaching the point where I became suicidal and had to seek treatment for severe depression. At some point I decided to start fighting back and have been doing so ever since. I emphasize that at present the tools of our struggle are words and persuasion. That is the correct way in a country that still enjoys some of the trappings of the civilization that our European ancestors brought here. If the CHRC and the co-opted courts are able to silence peaceful dissent they will eventually have to deal with strategic political struggle and that is something I hope this country never has to face.

Opposition to White Decline

Available statistics strongly suggest that the White race, defined as the race of people traditionally associated with Europe and the British Isles, is on a trajectory toward minority status by the middle of this century and virtual extinction by the end of the century. Countries with high birth rates are using formerly White countries as a dumping ground for their excess populations. I call this demographic genocide. That this is a deliberate policy being carried out by the social engineers with a globalist agenda is clear. Bill Clinton, in a speech given not long after leaving office, stated that he looked forward to a time when Whites are a minority in the US.

Population experts have stated that the trend towards extinction will be irreversible long before the end of this century. That is why I consider the battle to preserve our people from such a fate to be of such urgency that all available efforts must be applied now. It is an imperative of Nature that each species secure its own existence and protect its own living space. As a former Mathematics lecturer I gave examples from population biology in the course I taught in Differential Equations. It can be shown within that subject that no two species can occupy the same environmental niche over the long term. Applied to a multi-racial society the implications are clear. Either the various races within a multi-racial context will merge to form a single uniformly brown mass of hybrids or they will fight each for its own bit of turf in a racial turf war. The first outcome implies the extinction of the White race and the second implies civil war and chaos.

All White Nationalists support what is commonly called the 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children”. That I support the 14 words, as do all White Nationalists, was used against me at the CHRT hearing. Ms Warsame, a Black female from Africa, quoted the 14 words with obvious disdain in her voice which rose to a higher level of disdain and contempt as she quoted “a future for White children” as though such a notion that White children should have a future in this world is an idea worthy of the disdain and contempt in her voice.

Future Developments

A question I would like to address to the CHRC is “What do they hope to achieve?” Do they think that once they have suppressed all political dissent in Canada that they will have established a multi-racial utopia? Granted, there may be a period of silence for a while. That will be but the silence before the storm breaks. Our people will not go silently into the dark night of racial extinction. Our people will not simply submerge themselves willingly into the brown swamp of third-world biomass. There will be resistance and that resistance, unfortunately, will be, by necessity, strategic!

Charter Rights

My opponent (Daniel Poulin, a lawyer for the CHRC) has advised me in a telephone conversation that my Internet writings go beyond what the Charter of Rights allows. His comments reminded me of something penned by Thomas Paine, the man who literally wrote the book on the Rights of Man, who said that charters of rights are written not to give rights but to take them away. According to Paine, the true rights of man are inherent in him as a creature of God and are thus inalienable. No government can give or take away inalienable rights. The writers of the US Declaration of Independence were careful to state they were not intending to create rights which had not previously existed but were seeking to acknowledge rights that inhere in man as a creature of God.

Canada: The Orwellian Animal Farm

We are currently living and dying under the regime of political correctness – the new one-world civic religion of Equality. This new religion even has, in the alleged ‘Holocaust’, its own sacrificial lamb. The idea of equality within this new religion is a paradoxical thing. As George Orwell pointed out in his book Animal Farm, some groups are more equal than others – Jews and other minorities but mostly Jews. It has its own enforcers of correct dogma and those who violate the rules are treated as blasphemers and hauled before their special courts. The new sins within the one-world religion of Equality are racism, anti-Semitism, so-called homophobia (revulsion against the practice of homosexuality), and so-called sexism (failure to genuflect before the goddess of feminism). However, the greatest sin in the new one-world religion of Equality is to promote the interests of White people and seek to preserve OUR existence.

The Notion of Human Equality

In my judicial appeal of the CHRT ruling I stressed that the idea of human equality rests on nothing. Before we can determine whether a statement is true or false we need to know what it means. It turns out that the statement that all human beings are equal is either a tautology (true by definition) as in ‘all triangles are equally triangular’ or is false as in ‘all triangles are equal as triangles’. In order to state whether two human beings are equal as human beings we need a means of determination such as we have for triangles (congruency). For human beings such a means does not exist. In Nature no two things above the molecular level are equal. No two snowflakes are equal and that applies to human beings as well.

The US Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, states that it is self-evident that all men are created equal. However,

[Jefferson] was not a moron, and cannot have meant anything so absurd as is sometimes supposed. What he meant was that all Englishmen should be equal before the law. He was reacting against the class structure of English society and an aristocracy, of which the greater part had been created by kings and ennobled parvenus, often for the most discreditable services,
so that socially and morally worthless individuals were given special privileges because they were descended from men who had, rightly or wrongly, been elevated to the peerage. Jefferson recognized, of course, the biologically inequality of all men: “There is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds for this are virtue* and talents…There is also an artificial aristocracy,
founded on wealth and birth, without either virtue or talents; for with these, it would belong in the first class.” (*In Jefferson’s time “virtue” still retained its proper meaning, denoting manly excellence, including courage and integrity as shown by both moral and intellectual honesty. [footnote in original])(Revilo P. Oliver, Who’s for Democracy? http://www.stormfront.org/rpo/DEMOCRAC.htm)

The watchword of the French Revolution was Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. A little thought confirms that these three objectives are incompatible. Free men are not equal and equal men are not free. Equality must be imposed as we see in the current Canadian context. In the original ruling of the CHRT and reinforced by the Federal Court, it was stated that my writings do not constitute ‘legitimate political discourse’ because they do not ‘promote equality’. By their own admission they have stated that only political opinions which promote ‘equality’ are to be viewed as legitimate. Without the ongoing enforcement of equality society could resolve itself into a natural hierarchy with a natural aristocracy based on moral integrity and natural talents as referred to in the above quoted paragraph. It is my view that successful societies approximate the ideal of merit based hierarchies but I am not allowed to express that view according to the enforcers of ‘equality’. The constant leveling required to enforce equality leads to intense political repression which was the ultimate fate of the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The constant leveling requires the ongoing overthrow of the superior by means of the inferior. The enforcement of equality destroys both liberty and fraternity. That is Canada’s fate under the current regime.


To summarize, I request that the court dismiss the charge of contempt. My purpose in ignoring the cease and desist order was to address the urgent matter of impending White extinction and to argue against the new one-world religion of Equality. It is my profound concern that Canada will continue its slide into a nightmare of Political Correctness where only hypocrites and liars will have a voice. Therefore, I request that the court recognize my writings as fair social commentary.

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