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The Passover Media Attacks on the Catholic Church

Let me start out by telling you that I am neither a Christian nor a Catholic, yet I cannot help notice that at the beginning of what Christians call ‘Holy Week’ the Jew-controlled press once again started recycling their Catholic pedophile stories under the guise of ‘news’. No other group it seems, other than White Nationalists, can be so freely smeared with mere allegations than the Catholic Church, or Christian clergy in general, which would include Protestants.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not defending those who truly are guilty of this crime. I believe all pedophiles – religious and non-religious alike – should be punished severely if they are in fact guilty (something that doesn’t happen often, ironically because the Jewish influence in the justice system has made it soft on criminals).

But one thing that sticks out like a big hooked-nose to me about these Jewish media attacks is their viciousness. The onslaught has been rabid, incessant, and continues uninterrupted even as I type this. And it is not applied exclusively to those priests who are accused (and they are only accused at this point), but is deliberately applied to the Catholic clergy as a whole.

Instead of pointing out the fact that there are literally hundreds of clergy in the Church and a small minority are pedophiles, the Jewish press implies the opposite, and all the while ignoring the many pedophile rabbis who disproportionately far outnumber the Catholic clergy involved in abuse and are usually far more abusive. See the video below of the ‘Hummer Rabbi’ who tortured children with hammers and saws and forced them to drink turpentine – completely ignored by the Jewish press.

But back to my point, it’s the incessant nature of the attacks by the Jewish press on the Church which sticks out to me the most. Why are they so vicious?

Well, it is Holy Week for Christians, so this provides the media with a perfect opportunity to smear them. But it is also Passover for the Jews.

Those of you who have studied Jewish history know full well that many Jewish holidays commemorate massacres against non-Jewish peoples. Purim for instance, is the celebration of the Jewish massacre of 75,000 Persians who were aware of how the Jews had infiltrated the Persian monarchy and were prepared to take action against them. Then there is the celebration of Hanukkah which disguises itself as a ‘festival of lights’ but in reality serves to remind the Jews of their slaughter of the Syrian Greeks, whose crime according to the rabbis was merely allowing the Jews to assimilate. See the video at the bottom, Hanukkah Hypocrisy.

And then there is Passover. This is a holiday in which many non-Jews, even those who have critically studied Jewish customs, do not fully understand its true meanings. Passover begins on the night of the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox, so the seasonal timing of Passover has become nature-based just the holidays of other religions are – Easter, Ostara, etc.

Passover is a reminder to modern Jews of the final plague that their “God” inflicted on the people of Egypt, in which all the first born male children of the Egyptians were killed by the “Angel of Death” and the Jews were spared only by smearing the blood of a sacrificed lamb on their doors. Many superstitious people, including many Christians, take this as a literal supernatural ‘act of God’ without deciphering the Hebrew metaphors which tell the true story of the bloody holiday of Passover.

Anyone who studies Jewish history and their behavioral characteristics will realize after a while that “God” is simply a pseudonym for the Jewish nation. This is no doubt why the Jews are “God’s chosen people” and that “God’s will” is always carried out in the Bible through the Jews.

It is only after understanding this precept that we can fully understand what actually took place during Passover in the age of Egypt and what is being done to the Catholic Church, and the White race as a whole, as I type this.

So after understanding that “God” is simply the Jews we can then correctly point out that when “God” inflicted the final plague on the Egyptian children, it was simply the Jews themselves who did this. And the so-called “Angel of Death” was most likely a rabbi or Hebrew elder(s) who poisoned the food and/or water of all the houses which did not have the blood of a sacrificed animal on the doors.

The lamb’s blood on the doors is what signaled the Hebrew elders to pass over (Passover) because this was a Hebrew house. The lamb represents innocence, because the Jews are always innocent and the Gentiles are always guilty, according to Jewish law.

There are two attributes of this story, whether it is factual or legend, which cannot be ignored.

1. By admission in their own holy book, the Jews do engage in ritual animal sacrifice, hence sacrifice of the lamb and the smearing of blood on the doors, and that the charges leveled against them during the Middle Ages and every subsequent time are probably true. Of course, one would only need to observe the modern ritual of Kapparot during Yom Kippur to confirm this.

2. Jews most likely do engage in the poisoning of food and water, as this was most likely the way they killed the Egyptian first-borns. These were also identical charges that were brought against them during the Middle Ages leading the Jews to create the term “blood libel,” a reactionary position insinuating that the charges of poisoning against the Jews are libelous. See Jewish Ritual Murder at the bottom of the page.

Back to modern times….

As the onslaught of Jewish media attacks against the Catholic Church continues during the time of Passover, one cannot escape the conclusion that the Jews commemorate their holidays not only in remembrance of Jewish history, but also as a time to viciously attack one of their current enemies.

In ancient times it was the Egyptians. In modern times it is Christendom and all European culture and peoples. Instead of poisoning the waters (although I’m sure this does take place to a lesser extent in modern times), the Jews use their control of the mass media and their control of the ‘educational system’ to poison the minds of Gentile youth, leading them against their own elders who would protect them and give them a safe and productive society, and delivering them straight into a third-world hell-on-earth. And that is exactly where western civilization is headed.

Happy Passover!

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