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Liberals Want to Turn Off the Air Conditioning

Liberals Want to Turn off the Air Conditioning

Liberals want to return humanity to the jungle.

We sometimes tend to forget that there are other targets on the left-wing, liberal agenda besides giving Amnesty to illegals and suing Arizona. There is a whole menu of lesser items, such as mandatory vegetarianism, the electric car, Gay marriage and bashing the White male. Liberals want to destroy the McDonald’s corporation, prohibit fast food and force us all to eat tofu and quiche. They also want to deprive us of air conditioning, which is odd in view of their insistence that the earth is warming.

An article in the Washington Post [1] reports “In a country that’s among the world’s highest greenhouse-gas emitters, air conditioning is one of the worst power-guzzlers. The energy required to air-condition American homes and retail spaces has doubled since the early 1990s. Turning buildings into refrigerators burns fossil fuels, which emits greenhouse gases, which raises global temperatures, which creates a need for — you guessed it — more air-conditioning… A.C.’s obvious public-health benefits during severe heat waves do not justify its lavish use in everyday life for months on end. Less than half a century ago, America thrived with only the spottiest use of air conditioning. It could again.”

Americans also used to have lawns, backyards, porches and shade trees. Back in the 1950s, the local parks used to be full of nice White families, not full of Mexicans, gang bangers and drug dealers. Today, millions of Americans are packed like sardines in condos, that heat up like ovens the second the air conditioning is turned off. Add to that the huge number of people, who have moved to places like Phoenix, the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles and other places that are hellishly hot in the summer.
As usual, the liberals have some bizarre idea in their heads, which a few moments of rational analysis should dismiss, but unfortunately there isn’t a rational thought in their heads and there’s a good chance their fellow lunatics in Congress, and the corporate boardrooms might pick up this idea and run with it.

The article [1] notes “In a world without air conditioning, a warmer, more flexible, more relaxed workplace helps make summer a time to slow down again. Three-digit temperatures prompt siestas. Code-orange days mean offices are closed. Shorter summer business hours and month-long closings — common in pre-air-conditioned America — return.”

The second the air conditioning stops working in a modern office building on a hot day so does the productivity. At first people notice the temperature rapidly climbing, and dozens of calls flood the maintenance department, which of course has no idea what’s happened or how long it takes to fix. Some workers start to nod off in front of their computers as sweat rolls off their foreheads with temperatures climbing above 80 degrees. Most modern office buildings don’t even have windows that can be opened, which the touchy-feely liberals, who write this sort of article, don’t seem to understand.

On the plus side, about 20 percent of Americans don’t have jobs due to the Obama Depression, so they won’t have to go through the torture of 80 and 90 degree cubicle life as some new politically correct policy is put into practice with predictably disastrous results. Many of the long-term unemployed have a nice cool shady camping spot under a bridge, where they now live.

The article [1] opines “Business suits [in this non-air conditioned world] are out, for both sexes. And with the right to open a window [what window?], office employees no longer have to carry sweaters or space heaters to work in the summer. After a long absence, ceiling fans, window fans and desk fans take back the American office.”

Once again, someone should tell the author that most big corporations were “cheaping out” on air conditioning already, turning the thermostat up to the mid-70s forcing most of the cubicle workers into short sleeve shirts and tennis shoes or sandals. Any additional cheapness might result in the manager walking the halls in flip-flops and a speedo, and no one wants to see that!!

Now the article [1] gets interesting: “Best of all, Washington’s biggest business — government — is transformed. In 1978, 50 years after air conditioning was installed in Congress, New York Times columnist Russell Baker noted that, pre-A.C., Congress was forced to adjourn to avoid Washington’s torturous summers, and the nation enjoyed a respite from the promulgation of more laws, the depredations of lobbyists, the hatching of new schemes for Federal expansion and, of course, the cost of maintaining a government running at full blast. Post-A.C., Congress again adjourns for the summer, giving Tea Partiers the smaller government they seek.”

While a part-time government for both the state and federal level is a good idea to limit the amount of bad legislation, shutting off the air conditioning to accomplish this is not.

All of this lefty-liberal “return to Nature” talk is hogwash. Liberals hate and fear technology. They think it’s wrong that White people enjoy air-conditioned 72 degree comfort while some native in Indonesian swelters in a loin cloth and hopes a mosquito with a deadly disease doesn’t bite him.

“Returning to Nature” goes against all history and human experience. Mankind has just spent the past ten thousand years desperately trying to get away from Nature with its burning heat and freezing cold rain and snow, with its diseases, with its 40-year life spans, with its starvation when crops fail and where children and adults fall prey to predators. Not to mention the nasty neighbors in the cave down the way, who in the absence of laws and police, can do pretty much anything they want to you and your family unless you can fight them off with your bow and arrow or spear.

Men invented technology, laws, agriculture and civilization in order to rise above Nature, with the specific objective of overcoming the whims of Nature. Now the liberals want us to start regressing to the level, if not of beasts, then at least of earlier centuries because they feel things should be that way. Liberals should be careful what they wish for because “survival of the fittest” is part of Nature, and the liberals have been doing everything they can to oppress and over-tax the fittest people in America, who have very little patience for liberals as a result.

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