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After ruining Detroit, Blacks, Hispanics, now flee to White suburbs

June 11, 2010 Leave a comment

And beginning the cycle of destruction all over again.

Hispanics, blacks head to suburbs

Census data show white population decline

The white population in metro Detroit’s suburbs is declining while the African-American and Hispanic populations are quickly growing, according to the latest U.S. Census estimates released Thursday on counties nationwide.

Macomb County’s black population more than tripled, from 21,572 in 2000 to 67,206 in July 2009, as the Hispanic population grew from 12,435 to 17,876. The county’s white population dropped 2%, from 737,744 to 723,447.

Tired of gunshots and her crumbling neighborhood, Theresa Johnson, 38, moved to Eastpointe with her 14-year-old son in February.

“I don’t miss a thing about Detroit,” said the black woman who left southwest Detroit. “I lived there all my life, but I couldn’t stand to see what has happened to the city.”

In Oakland County, the African-American population increased 26%, from 122,061 to 153,918. The number of Hispanics grew 33%, from 28,999 to 38,705. The white population dropped 4%, from 1.004 million to 963,359.

In Wayne County, both the white and black populations dropped. The white population dipped 4.9%, from 1.115 million to 1.061 million; the black population plummeted 10.8%.

However, the Hispanic population in Wayne County increased substantially: 30%, from 77,207 to 100,187.