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Chicago: Three Blacks charged in attack on White family

July 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Three men are charged with beating a family of four — including a four-month-old child — in Grant Park Thursday night near the Taste of Chicago festival.

The four family members — ranging in age from four months to 25 years old — were in the 300 block of East Jackson Drive about 8 p.m. Thursday when three men allegedly beat them, according to a police News Affairs release Saturday.

The four family members — ranging in age from four months to 25 years old — were in the 300 block of East Jackson Drive about 8 p.m. Thursday when three men allegedly beat them, according to a police News Affairs release Saturday.

At the time of the alleged attack, the Taste of Chicago was taking place just south of the Jackson Drive address, which is also located in Grant Park.

Three Negroes charged with beating family outside Taste of Chicago festival


After ruining Detroit, Blacks, Hispanics, now flee to White suburbs

June 11, 2010 Leave a comment

And beginning the cycle of destruction all over again.

Hispanics, blacks head to suburbs

Census data show white population decline

The white population in metro Detroit’s suburbs is declining while the African-American and Hispanic populations are quickly growing, according to the latest U.S. Census estimates released Thursday on counties nationwide.

Macomb County’s black population more than tripled, from 21,572 in 2000 to 67,206 in July 2009, as the Hispanic population grew from 12,435 to 17,876. The county’s white population dropped 2%, from 737,744 to 723,447.

Tired of gunshots and her crumbling neighborhood, Theresa Johnson, 38, moved to Eastpointe with her 14-year-old son in February.

“I don’t miss a thing about Detroit,” said the black woman who left southwest Detroit. “I lived there all my life, but I couldn’t stand to see what has happened to the city.”

In Oakland County, the African-American population increased 26%, from 122,061 to 153,918. The number of Hispanics grew 33%, from 28,999 to 38,705. The white population dropped 4%, from 1.004 million to 963,359.

In Wayne County, both the white and black populations dropped. The white population dipped 4.9%, from 1.115 million to 1.061 million; the black population plummeted 10.8%.

However, the Hispanic population in Wayne County increased substantially: 30%, from 77,207 to 100,187.

HIV positive acrobat may have infected hundreds

May 28, 2010 Leave a comment

The price for race-mixing is heavy.

HIV positive acrobat may have affected hundreds nationwide

By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD

HIV infected acrobat, 32 year old Godfrey Zaburoni allegedly infected hundreds of women all over Australia and a special task force will help track down all of these women.

Zaburoni lived in NSW in 2000 before he moved to Queensland. He however traveled back and forth. There are some men also who called alleging they had had unprotected sex with the HIV positive acrobat.

The health authorities have received an unexpectedly high number of calls after a hotline was opened and expected more calls to come. Spokesperson for the QH said that there are still many men and women who are getting tested by their own doctors. Many who called the 13HEALTH number after it was opened yesterday were referred to the Queensland Health Aids unit.

Earlier one of Mr. Zaburoni’s sexual partners, a woman lodged a complaint against him after she tested positive for HIV. The charges against him included grievous bodily harm and malicious acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm. The police also had the names of 12 women which Zaburoni gave them. Five of these are from NSW.

Should White people re-segregate for protection?

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Israeli Jews have segregation laws to separate their society from Arabs as to protect their people from “terrorism.” But Jews are at the forefront of forcing White Americans to integrate with nonwhites – even though nonwhites have killed far more Whites in America than Arabs have killed Jews in Palestine.

Racially-segregated schools, neighborhoods, bars, nightclubs, even libraries and restrooms. The prohibition of interracial marriages, racial attacks, riots and political oppression. No, I’m not talking about America of 1950. I’m talking about Israel of 2009.

In May, Israel banned Palestinians from holding their “Arab Culture Day” in Jerusalem. Many Israeli schools also have bans on Black Jews, or Beta Israel as they are known. Recently, three Israeli schools refused to admit 100 Ethiopian Jews and they have often been oppressed by Israel’s racial laws.

Israel is not a multicultural society where all racial groups are represented equally. Although Jews have pushed this societal model on Whites in the West, they definitely fall far short of the same thing in their own country. In fact, Israel goes a long way in repressing any form of non-Jewish culture inside their own state, as is we can see.

By now most around the world are familiar with Israel’s Wall of Separation, which the Jews refer to as the “West Bank Barrier.” We have all seen pictures and footage of Israeli military checkpoints in and around Jerusalem, with soldiers pointing their guns at unarmed civilians.

While Israel argues that segregation laws and the Wall of Separation exist to protect the Jewish population from suicide bombers, it also cuts off many Palestinians from water and medicinal services and deprives them of access to the land that their ancestors have been on for thousands of years before the arrival of the modern Jews.

It is certainly true that the Wall of Separation has probably helped reduce the number of suicide attacks against Israeli nightclubs and city buses, in which anywhere from zero to twenty Jews would die in each attack.

But is the threat of Palestinians killing Jews really a legitimate reason to create an entire Berlin-style wall, complete with armed guards and Soviet-style checkpoints?

Well if it is, then White Americans should have HUNDREDS of these walls all over America to restrict the movement of blacks and mestizos!

The number of Whites killed by nonwhites in America every year is astronomically higher than the number of Jews killed by Palestinians throughout the entire intifada. In 2007 alone there were more than 12,000 black on white murders in the USA. But from 2005 to 2008 there were less than 1200 Jews killed by Palestinians, and this figure includes military casualties. And from 1987 to 2000 there were less than 500 Jews killed by Palestinians.

More White Americans died in six months at the hands of blacks in 2007 than Jews died at the hands of Palestinians from 1987 to 2000.

So if an entire 1200 Jews is worth a large concrete barricade with machine guns, then certainly White Americans could justify re-segregating themselves from nonwhites for protection. And when presented with these facts, most people would probably agree…..

….except for one group.

Jewish ethnocentric hypocrisy

Of course, it is not the fact that Jews are ethnocentric and only see the world through their eyes that bothers people. Certainly any logical person would expect Jews to look out for Jewish interests. But why then are Jews always at the forefront of keeping other races from looking out for their own interests as well? Do other races have the right to live in safety? or just Jews?

When made aware of this double standard, it is easy to see that it is not purely Jewish nationalism that angers people – it is the hypocrisy factor. Jews are permitted to use extreme measures to protect their people, i.e. the Wall of Separation, meanwhile they shriek and spit at what mostly are minor efforts on the part of other races to protect their people, i.e. enforcing existing border laws between the US and Mexico. The opposition to border enforcement in the US Congress and Senate comes mainly from Jews such as Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein, who are huge supporters of Israel and its own apartheid laws. Other Jewish groups such as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith also oppose any US effort to secure the border with Mexico.

While Whites forbade Blacks from living in their neighborhoods at one time, they certainly had no walls with machine-gunners like the Jews have for themselves in the West Bank.

Throughout the “Civil Rights Era” when Blacks were demanding new rights and special privileges in America (not to mention burning our cities down), and also demanding that the segregation laws which kept Whites and Blacks in separate neighborhoods, schools, etc, be torn down, they were being helped along the way by Jewish finance and political power.

Like Communism before, most Black power movements in America were not the ideas of Blacks but were mostly the brainchilds of Jews from New York and California. As Dr. Kevin MacDonald documents in his book The Culture of Critique, Jewish influence was heavy in tearing down America’s segregation laws and ushering in the new era of political correctness, race-mixing, and with it rampant Black-on-White murder.

Jews were also heavily involved in passing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. This law removed all of the previous standards for immigration and was particularly favorable to non-European immigrants. As noted on the Wikipedia page, this act flooded the US with non-European immigrants and was the final push which changed the ethnic balance of America and has doomed it to eventually become a third world nation as it will sometime in the early 21st century.

This act was proposed by Emanuel Celler….a Jew.

Even to this day, many White Americans are unaware that Black power was a Jewish idea.

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee were also behind the push to open America’s borders.

These facts are not even mentioned to any significant extent in the mass media, which is almost completely controlled by Jews.

And while all these things were happening here in America, Jews were busy in Israel using American tax dollars and military tech to remove the Arabs from Palestine and set up their racially segregated apartheid state, which White Americans still fund.

So why the hypocrisy? Why not the same rules and protections for Whites to keep us safe from Blacks as Israel has to keep their people safe from suicide bombers? Especially when one considers that far more White people are dying from racial integration than Jews are dying after 50 years of war with the Arabs.

Well if you ask them that question, the Jews don’t really have a legitimate answer….

….except that you are now a Nazi who is secretly conspiring to kill six million of them.

Three African-American players arrested for raping Finnish girl

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Three American football players in Finland’s American Football League suspected of rape

Lawrence Atkinson

Brandon Horn

Joe Nairn

Three American players from the Lappeenranta-based Finnish American Football League team Rajaritarit are suspected of rape.

According to the club, the players have been in police custody since Monday of last week.

“The matter came to me as a total surprise. We have made an effort to provide support to our players through the entire process”, explains Rajaritarit chairman Juho Ritala.

According to Ritala, the suspected deed would have happened in the residence of the players in question on Sunday night nearly two weeks ago. The men were taken into custody on Thursday of last week, Ritala says.

The police have not issued any statements with regard to the suspected crime. Eventually the Rajaritarit team decided to make the announcement themselves.

“There seem to be a lot of speculations circulating around in a town of this size. Many people seem to believe they know quite a bit about what has happened. So we decided to come forward with what we know.”

Ritala points out that so far it is merely a question of suspicion of criminal action, albeit a serious charge.

“Let the police do their investigation. In due course they will issue a statement”, Ritala told the Finnish News Agency STT on Thursday.

At the end of last season Rajaritarit – the name translates loosely as “Border Knights” in keeping with Lappeenranta’s position close to the

Russian border – won promotion back to the Finnish top league.
The team has four American players, one of whom, Thomas Kudyba, is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

The team’s other American players arrived in Lappeenranta during the spring and the summer, the last one at the very end of July.

The team will play its last game of the regular season on Saturday. Rajaritarit have already made it to the play-offs.

“I doubt the boys will make it to the Saturday game. As far as I know their next hearing will not take place until Monday. Kudyba is our only foreign reinforcement on Saturday.”

Ritala hopes the team will be given some peace and quiet to prepare for the coming games.

The American Football Association of Finland (SAJL) information officer Tomi Tiilikainen regards the incident as very unfortunate.

“I have never heard of anything like this before during the twenty or so years that I have been involved in the sport. In time we will find out what has happened. In the meantime neither the association nor the team can do anything”, Tiilikainen commented on Thursday.

Finland’s Vaahteraliiga (“Maple League”) consists of eight teams, with the top four at the end of the regular season advancing to the play-offs.


Obama’s America is awash in brutal black on white crime

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Black on White crime has exploded under Obama

The night of the brutal attack on a white family in Akron, there were ten other white victims treated for attacks. This news has been completely censored by the media and the cowardly Akron police department.

Since the election of Obama in November, crime has been on the rise. The most censored and covered up aspect of our current crime wave is rampant and brutal attacks on white people by blacks.”

Detroit: White vs. Black

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